• In-suite cleaning
  • We all love coming home to a freshly cleaned house. With our standard cleaning service, we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. 
    Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals who will make sure your home is spotless and pleasant. We understand that no one can clean your home to your individual preferences/expectations, as such we ONLY offer Standard Surface cleaning services. 
    Our standard cleanings include the following:
    - Cleaning and disinfecting all high touch surfaces.
    - Sweeping and mopping all floors and vacuuming 
      carpets and rugs
     - Washing of all reachable surfaces.
    - Wiping the outside of kitchen appliances & cabinets.
    - Clean and sanitize Washroom (toilet, shower and 
    - Clean Kitchen (countertops and cupboards, face of 
    - Wipe door handles and light switches.
    - Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures.
    - Dusting
  • In-Suite Cleaning


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